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Alfonso Miranda


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Líneas de Investigación

  • Economía de la salud
  • Economía laboral
  • Economía de la educación
  • Microeconometría Aplicada
  • Economía Demográfica

Publicaciones recientes


Health system delay and its effect on clinical stage of breast cancer: a Multicenter Study 2015, Cancer (forthcoming) . Coautores: Unger-Saldaña,K., Zarco-Espinosa,G., Mainero-Ratchelous,F., Bargalló-Rocha,E., Lázaro- León, J.M. (2015).

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Endogenous treatment effects for count data models with endogenous participation or sample selection 2011, Health Economics , 20 (9):1090-1109. Coautores: Massimiliano Bratti (University of Milan)

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Non-pecuniary returns to higher education: the effect on smoking intensity in the UK 2010, Health Economics , 19 (8):906-920. Coautores: Massimiliano Bratti (University of Milan)

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