Algorithmic Governance: Technology, Knowledge and Power

Rik Peeters, Profesor Investigador Titular de la División de Administración Pública del CIDE,  y Marc Schuilenburg escribieron Algorithmic Governance: Technology, Knowledge and Power, capítulo del libro The SAGE Handbook of Digital Society.



We live in an algorithmic society in which a convergence is taking place of the digital and physical worlds (Schuilenburg and Peeters, 2021). In this new reality, algorithms play a decisive role, raising a host of analytical and ethical questions. In the broad sense of the term, algorithms are mathematical procedures for solving a problem by transforming input data into a desired output. Algorithms are everywhere; there are algorithms determining which risk factors are most relevant to the diagnosis of diseases; algorithms assisting in student distribution in a classroom; algorithms predicting where and when criminal activity is likely to occur; algorithms…


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