Discursive Representations of Migration

Gustavo Fondevila, Profesor Investigador Titular de la División de Estudios Jurídicos del CIDE, y Miguel Quintana-Navarrete escribieron el artículo Discursive Representations of Migration en el Bulletin of Latin American Research: Journal of the Society for Latin American Studies.




Scholarship on the Mexican state’s role in migration to the United States has been hampered by a lack of comprehensive engagement with meaning. We address this shortcoming by examining a data set of Mexican presidents’ public speeches (1994–2012). We argue that increased engagement with migration has been accompanied by more expansive conceptualisations of migration and willingness to politicise the issue. We identify a discourse of reaction characterised by a defence of Mexican migrants in the United States that is sometimes expressed defiantly; and a discourse of construction, defined by a more measured approach that allows for long-term policies to be enacted.



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