Policing the Drug Trade: U.S. Narcotic Agents in Mexico, 1936-1963

Carlos Pérez Ricart, Profesor Investigador Titular de la División de Estudios Internacionales del CIDE, escribió Policing the Drug Trade: U.S. Narcotic Agents in Mexico, 1936-1963, capítulo del libro Histories of Drug Trafficking in Twentieth-Century Mexico.



This work brings together a new generation of drug historians and new historical sources to uncover the history of the drug trade and its regulations. While the US and Mexican governments developed anti-drug discourses and policies, which criminalized both high-profile traffickers and small-time addicts, these authorities also employed the criminals and cash connected to the drug trade to pursue more pressing political concerns. The politics, socioeconomic relations, and criminal justice system of modern Mexico have been shaped by these public and covert policies as well as by subnational histories of drug production and trafficking. The essays in this study explore this complicated narrative and provide insight into Mexico’s history and the wider contemporary global drug trade.