Regular War, Irregulars, and Savages

Pablo Kalmanovitz, Profesor Investigador Titular de la División de Estudios Internacionales del CIDE, escribió el capítulo Regular War, Irregulars, and Savages en el libro Concepts and Contexts of Vattel’s Political and Legal Thought.



One of the most appalling uses of standards of civilization in international legal history is the two-tiered construction of the laws of war in the nineteenth century. The international legal profession in Europe and other ‘civilized nations’ took ‘savages’ to be incapable of showing restraint in warfare, and as such beyond the pale of the limiting rules of civilized, regular warfare. International lawyers sanctioned the deployment of unlimited violence by European powers against non-Europeans in colonial wars; legal norms that were well established in European practice, such as giving quarter to combatants and sparing women and children from deliberate attacks, were deemed inapplicable in such radically asymmetrical wars.

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