The Department of Legal Studies [DEJ] is one of the most important faculties of law in Mexico. Our aim is to transform the way we teach and research the law, through its study in action. The licenciatura en derecho [law degree] has been recognized through many years as the best program for teaching law in Mexico. The faculty is integrated by a group of 16 full-time professors who continuously participate in both the generation of legal knowledge and in teaching and discussing the contemporary legal problems. The multidisciplinary and fundamentally empirical approach that has followed the faculty has allowed us to participate in the densification of the national agenda. Issues such as the reform of the criminal justice system or the decriminalization of abortion are unthinkable without the contribution made by the DEJ. The DEJ also represents a pioneering space in the exercise of strategic litigation, the generation of surveys with penitentiary population, the defense of the due process and the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights in Mexico. We hope to keep moving and contribute in developing new stretagies to undertand and explain the role of law in Mexico.