David Mayer Foulkes

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División de Economía
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Carretera México-Toluca 3655
Colonia Lomas de Santa Fe
Mexico City 01210, Mexico

Tel: +52 55 5727 9800 (Extension 2717)
E-mail: david.mayer@cide.edu
URL: https://ideas.repec.org/f/pma494.html

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Mayer-Foulkes, D., “The Challenge of Market Power under Globaliza-tion,” Review of Development Economics, 19 (2): 244-264. 2015.

Aghion, P.; Howitt, P.; and Mayer-Foulkes, D., “The Effect of Finan-cial Development on Convergence: Theory and Evidence”, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120(1). 2005.

Howitt, P. and Mayer-Foulkes, D.,  “R&D, Implementation and Stag-nation: A Schumpeterian Theory of Convergence Clubs”, Journal of Mon-ey, Credit and Banking, 37(1). 2005.

Hafner, Kurt A and Mayer-Foulkes, D.,  “Fertility, Economic Growth, and Human Development,” Journal of Macroeconomics,  38: 107-120. 2013.

Mayer-Foulkes, D., “The Human Development Trap in Mexico”, World Development, 36(5): 775-796. 2008.

Working Papers

Mayer-Foulkes, «Development and Underdevelopment Under Globalization». (Textbook draft)

David Mayer-Foulkes, David and Hafner, Kurt, «The Market Economy with Mass Production». Available at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2770733

Current Courses

  1. Public economics