Eva Arceo

Contact Information

División de Economía
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Carretera México-Toluca 3655
Colonia Lomas de Santa Fe
Mexico City 01210, Mexico

Tel: +52 55 5727 9800 (Extension 2759)
E-mail: eva.arceo@cide.edu
URL: http://earceo8.wix.com/eva-arceo

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Eva Arceo, Rema Hanna and Paulina Oliva, “Does the Effect of Pollution on Infant Mortality Differ Between Developing and Developed Countries? Evidence from Mexico City”, The Economic Journal, 126(591): 257-280. 2016.

Eva Arceo and Raymundo Campos, “Race and Marriage in the Labor Market: A Discrimination Correspondence Study in a Developing Country”, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 104(5): 376-380. 2014.

Eva Arceo and Raymundo Campos, “Teenage Pregnancy in Mexico: Evolution and Consequences”, Latin American Journal of Economics, 51(1): 109-146. 2014.

Eva Arceo, “Drug-Related Violence and Forced Migration from Mexico to the United States”, in G. Genna and D. Mayer-Foulkes (eds.), North American Integration: An Institutional Void in Migration, Security and Development, New York: Routledge. 2013.

Eva Arceo, “Impact of Economic Crises on Mortality: The Case of Mexico”, Estudios Económicos, 25(1): 135-175. 2010.

Working Papers

Eva Arceo, Raymundo Campos and Carlos Muñoz, “Double-shift high schools and school performance: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design”, 2016.

Eva Arceo and Raymundo Campos, “Do local labor market conditions affect the extent of gender discrimination?, 2015.

Eva Arceo and Raymundo Campos, “How Does Explicit Discrimination in Job Ads Interact with Discrimination in Callbacks?”, 2015.

Current Courses

  1. Econometrics I
  2. Labor Economics
  3. Thesis Seminar (Masters level)