Fausto Hernandez Trillo

Contact Information

División de Economía
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Carretera México-Toluca 3655
Colonia Lomas de Santa Fe
Mexico City 01210, Mexico

Tel: +52 57-27-98-39
E-mail: fausto.hernandez@cide.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Fausto Hernández and Arturo Antón, “Optimal Gasoline Tax in Developing, Oil-Producing Countries: The Case of Mexico”. Energy Policy, April. 2014.

Fausto Hernández and Ricardo Smith Ramírez, “Credit Ratings in the Presence of Bailout: The Case of Mexican Sub-national Government Debt”, Economia, Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, 10:Fall. 2009.

Fausto Hernández “Is Local Beautiful? Fiscal Decentralization in Mexico” In World Development. 2008.

Fausto Hernández “Financial Derivatives Introduction and Stock Return Volatility in an Emerging Market without a Clearinghouse: The Mexican Experience” Journal of Empirical Finance. 6(2). 1999.

Fausto Hernández «A Model-Based Estimation of the Probability of Default in Sovereign Loan Markets» Journal of Development Economics, 46  (1). 1995.