Master in Environmental Economics
Preguntas Frecuentes
  • add_boxDoes the Master’s Degree have a cost?

    NO. Our master's program has no cost. As the Master's Degree in Economics is registered on the Conacyt’s National Registry of Quality Graduate Studies (PNPC), all students who meet the admission requirements are granted a scholarship support during the two years of the program and the CIDE does not charge tuition.

  • add_boxWhat are the hours of operation for the Master's Degree?

    The classes of the Master take place during the week, usually in the morning hours, but since the program is a full-time one, students must have full availability for replacement or additional classes.

  • add_boxIs there some sort of guide for the admission test?

    The guidelines for the admission test will be provided by the Office of Promotion and admissions by the time of enrollment in the admission process. It is recommended to check the calendar of admissions.

  • add_boxHow and where can I take the exam if I live in another state of the Republic or if I am a foreigner?

    Applicants who reside in the inner country may be registered only through the Office of Admissions and Promotion of the CIDE (OPA) for examinations through the regional offices of CONACYT (in Tijuana, Baja California, Culiacán, Sin., Hermosillo, Son., Monterrey, N.León, Chihuahua, Chih., Guadalajara, Jalisco, Querétaro, Qro., Puebla, Pue., Xalapa, Ver., and Merida, Yuc.), at CIDE’s Santa Fe Campus or CIDE’s Region Center Campus in Aguascalientes, under the conditions and dates indicated for each place on this website.
    Applicants living abroad, Mexican or not, must also be registered through the Office of Promotion and admissions in a timely manner, to take the admission at the Mexican representations abroad. It is important to mention that the Embassies and Consulates DO NOT receive documents, not handle paperwork.

  • add_boxMy bachelor’s degree is in process, can I enroll to the admissions process?

    You can apply to the admissions process, as long as the bachelor's degree is pending due to administrative procedures and not because of academic reasons. In this case, it’s necessary to sign a letter of commitment that states that you will be obtaining the degree before the beginning of the first semester.

  • add_boxDo you need to submit letters of recommendation for the admission to the program?

    In our admission process we DO request letters of recommendation.

  • add_boxWhat modality is your Master’s Program, part time or full time?

    Since our program is part of the Conacyt’s National Registry of Quality Graduate Studies (PNPC), our students are required to have full-time availability for the whole length of the program. Students are not allowed to perform another academic or labor activity. In addition, as a CONACYT fellow, other remunerated activities may not be performed.

  • add_boxCan I only receive the scholarship of CONACYT while in the program?

    Students may complement the Conacyt’s scholarship with other scholarships such as the one of the Bank of Mexico or of state or municipal governments (For more information about scholarships and funding, click here).

  • add_boxIs there a specific profile or preparation of bachelor's degree in order to enter the admissions process?

    Our program does not require a specific profile or preparation in order to be admitted. Graduates from all professions and nationalities, that have math and analytical skills and that can achieve high standards of performance, are welcome.

  • add_boxCan I receive Conacyt’s scholarship as a foreigner?

    Yes, as long as you have a degree or equivalent, with GPA of 8.0. It’s necessary to send proof of your scores, so we can get here the official equivalence of the GPA.

  • add_boxIf I don’t finish the master's degree, are there any payments that I have to for tuition? Do I acquire some debt?

    To find out about the terms and conditions of the scholarships CONACYT, please consult the website