Divisiones académicas

El CIDE está organizado en seis divisiones académicas que corresponden a las áreas disciplinarias en las que el Centro se especializa. Las seis divisiones se vinculan a través de la participación de sus directores en diversas instancias como juntas de profesores, comités de evaluación de planes de estudios, de elaboración de tesis y de servicios social, entre otros. Asimismo, esta estructura académica propicia la participación de los profesores en proyectos de investigación y docencia interdisciplinarios.

Division of Public Administration
Dedicated to research and consulting for the public sector from the perspective of organizational theory and public policy analysis.
Division of Legal Studies
The program is dedicated to form high-quality lawyers. The degree program is based on systemic analysis of cases and legal problems, which provides skills to solve complex legal problems and a solid theoretical training.
Division of International Studies
The curriculum is concerned with international political issues affecting Mexico and places particular emphasis on the rigorous study and applied transnational phenomena such as public opinion, human rights, migration, regional integration, terrorism and organized crime.
Division of Economics
Economics Division is a division which is dynamic, and with a clear objective to contribute to the advancement of economic sciences. These result in one of the most important research groups in Mexico and Latin America. Moreover, our commitment to high-quality teaching has positioned our academic programs among the best in the region.
Division of Development Studies
The Division for Development Studies (DED) seeks to train specialists in the study and development of proposals for problems related to the economic and social development of emerging economies.
Division of Political Studies
The division focuses on the study of political institutions and processes of contemporary Mexico. It also help in the form of consulting services to some governmental agencies.
Division of History
This division, founded in 2000, responds to the interests of historians and teachers to apply a historical approach to their research and intellectual dialogue that results from such activity.